Triple Wall Pipe

Triple Wall Pipe

Baughman Tile Co. manufactures a full line of triple wall pipe for many applications including septic leach fields, residential drainage, retaining walls, irrigation, etc. Poly 3-Wall® features three bonded layers: a smooth black inner wall and a smooth white laminated outer wall are bonded together with a corrugated structural core. This special construction gives Poly 3-Wall® more strength, durability, and efficiency than conventional polyethylene sewer/drain or PVC pipe. All lengths of pipe come with an integral polyethylene coupler for easy installation. Poly 3-Wall® fits all standard size sewer/drain and PVC 4″ fittings.

Pipe Size Pipe Type Pipe Style Roll Size Product SKU
4" Triple Wall 4.6.8 10' length pallet of 900' tw04x10-4.6.8
4" Triple Wall 4.8 10' length pallet of 900' tw04x10-4.8
4" Triple Wall 4.8.12 10' length pallet of 900' tw04x10-4.8.12
4" Triple Wall solid 10' length pallet of 900' tw04x10s