In 1883, Baughman Tile started production of clay tile. This clay tile provided the means to transform “The Great Black Swamp” of Northwest Ohio into farmable, fertile soil. Delivered by horse and buggy in its beginning days, Baughman Tile created a pathway to allow the agricultural community around them to grow and prosper. The employees, who were primarily family members in the early years, toiled long & hard days to manufacture approximately 20,000 feet of clay tile per week primarily by hand with primitive tools. Over the next 90 years, the process of clay tile was perfected and kilns were added to produce more and more clay tile by more efficient means to meet the ever growing demand. During that same time, the development of the diesel engine allowed for an increased delivery area and larger customer base. Baughman Tile was well known as a superior product and was requested by customer’s hours away.

Recognizing an opportunity in an ever-changing society, Baughman Tile took a pivotal step and began production of high-density polyethylene pipe in 1972. Its lightweight and flexible design allowed Baughman to deliver in one load, what use to take an entire day to make! Because of its design, it also allowed farmers and installers to handle the product much easier and to develop specialized equipment designed to put the pipe into the ground very efficiently. Plastic pipe has transformed the way drainage products are installed and used to this day. Through consistent quality and word of mouth, Baughman’s customer area quickly grew into a multi-state area.

With over 130 years of experience and five generations of devotion, Baughman Tile Company has advanced into the company it is today. By continually expanding and improving, Baughman Tile is capable of producing over 6 million feet of corrugated pipe every week, selling their product under the Poly-Drain®, Poly Smooth-Line®, Poly 3-Wall®, PolyCap® and PolyVac® tradenames. The company continues to strive for quality and versatility in the product line and is dedicated to creating solutions to meet the growing needs of their customers.

Our President, Brad Baughman, who is the fifth generation of the Baughman family to run the company, believes in the value of hard, smart, team-oriented work. With an emphasis on high quality products, he drives the organization to strive for excellence with a primary focus on value for the customer. Along with the other members of the fifth generation management team, Eric and Lorie Baughman, the Baughman family is still active in the day-to-day management of the century-old company.

Past Company Presidents:

John Christ Baughman
1st Generation
John L. Baughman
2nd Generation
Christy W. Baughman
3rd Generation
Ambrose L. Baughman
3rd Generation
Gene A. Baughman
4th Generation