Joint Installation

Bell & Spigot F477 Joint Installation Guidelines

Poly Smooth-Line® F477 pipe is produced with a bell-and- spigot connection using an ASTM F477 gasket. To make certain that the product performs to expectation, it is crucial that the joint is assembled properly. Please use the following assembly guidelines to obtain a quality bell-and- spigot joint. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in a poor performing joint and jeopardize the quality of the drainage system.

Bell-and- Spigot Joint Assembly Guidelines:

  • Pipe shall be lowered into trench by hand or by the use of excavating equipment utilizing a nylon sling.
  • Inspect the bell portion of the pipe for any cracks or visible defects, clean the bell to remove any foreign material.
  • Spray a generous layer of gasket lubricant (available from Baughman Tile Company, Inc.) onto the inside portion of the bell. Use a clean rag to ensure that the lubricant is properly distributed.
  • Inspect the spigot portion of the pipe and clean the spigot to remove any foreign material.
  • Remove the protective wrap from around the gasket and dispose of properly
  • Inspect the gasket to ensure there are no cracks, gashes or visible defects.
  • Inspect the gasket to ensure it is properly seated in the gasket groove. (Looking down the pipe from the spigot, the lettering on the gasket should be facing you easily visible)
  • Spray a generous layer of gasket lubricant (available from Baughman Tile Company, Inc.) onto the exposed gasket. Use a clean rag to ensure that the lubricant is properly and evenly distributed.
  • After inside of bell and the spigot are lubricated, DO NOT allow these sections to contact dirt or backfill. Foreign matter could stick and compromise the joint integrity.
  • Place spigot into bell and align. It is important that the spigot end of the pipe is always pushed into the bell portion of the pipe (Diagram 1). Pushing bell end onto spigot could compromise the joint integrity.
  • Smaller diameter pipe (up to 24") can usually be joined by hand installation. For larger diameters, it may be necessary to use a bar or other equipment to push the joint together. If a bar or additional equipment is used, a installation hub (which can be purchased from Baughman Tile or made from a spigot end of the pipe) should be used to prevent damage to the bell.
  • When pushing the spigot into the bell, be sure that the bedding material or any other foreign material does not enter the bell. Foreign matter can compromise the joint integrity.

These installation guidelines are provided as a guide for the proper installation of Poly Smooth-Line® F477 Joints. These do not replace standard industry or project specifications. As with all Baughman Tile Company, Inc. products, it is important that all products are installed according to all OSHA and local safety standards. For more information on safe work practices, reference the OSHA website. For more information on installing corrugated polyethylene pipe, reference the PPI/CPPA installation technical booklet, ASTM and AASHTO installation standards and other industry benchmarks.