Baughman Tile Company is a leading manufacturer of corrugated HDPE pipe and fittings. Not only do we have pipe and fittings, but we supply grates, fabricated catch basins, trash guards, septic tanks, soil separators, bull run valves, and much more. Our Poly-Drain® single wall corrugated pipe is one of the most recognized trade names in the industry and comes in many different hole patterns to best suit any type of soil. Our product line of PolyCap® is on baseball field fences all over the globe, and our Poly Smooth-Line® is one of the strongest corrugated polyethylene pipes available in industry today. Triple Wall Sewer/Drain Pipe is our newest product line and has become a well-accepted alternative to PVC pipe leach fields. We, at Baughman Tile, strive to meet the high demands of the customer for a quality product, competitive price, and quick delivery. Let us supply you with the product you need for your next drainage project and we’ll guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied. Please contact us if you do not see what you need on this page.